Vantage Point

by Solo Travis

Released 2017
Spectrum9 Music
Released 2017
Spectrum9 Music
Reinventing Hard Rock. An album spanning from vintage influence of the genre all the way to today's cutting edge metal.
Solo Travis ( Born John Travis Mcalhany 1983) is known as
a multi instrumentalist in the Hard Rock & Metal music genre.

Originally, any musical endeavors did not go beyond the notion of
becoming a session musician or audio engineer. The idea was to produce music
for local bands and cosign with a FL label.

This all changed when Travis offered up his own original recordings. After positive feedback
from industry professionals and collage radio dj's, the decision was made to launch a music project of his own.

With the help of X9records (Maryland NY), the waters were tested by releasing the single "Alternative Three" which gained instant radio play. In response, fans of hard rock in NY were pleased to experience a reinvented, refreshing portrayal of Heavy Rock.

The Solo Travis Project aims to focus in on engineering and polishing a sound mostly to be recognized
by those who understand that quality music and originality has been on the decline.

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